HL-Hydraulik - Systemsolutions

1. System solutions for industry

As an expert in special solutions, we are dedicated to the development, design and production of customer and market specific valves and systems for energy and power plant technology, steel plant and rolling mill machinery fluid systems, offshore and subsea industry applications, traffic safety technology and the shipping and machine construction industries. As the sole proprietor of all rights to the technology, we are the only manufacturer of the Schrupp valve program and continue to further develop it.

2. Technology for driving safety centers

We use our experience in water technology to offer individual solutions for traffic training areas and event centers. This includes road wetting spray systems and water obstacles as well as the required water supply. Our scope of delivery can include planning and consultation, the delivery of the components, the on site installation as well as maintenance and service. Together with our partners, this range can be expanded by dynamic shifting plates, the required control systems or planning consultation (costs forecasting).

3. HP pneumatics

We are a producer of gas tight compressed air components in the high pressure segment up to 350 bar. This includes gas dryers, directional and sluice valves, pressure relief and reducing valves, shut off and non-return valves as well as safety valves and devices. Our non-leak products are used, among other applications, for electrical breakers (switch gears) and diesel starter systems, for pressure vessel protection and in the conditioning of breathing air and laboratory clean air systems.

4. Water and special hydraulics

We are a producer of non-leak cartridge valves and control units in the high pressure segment up to 800 bar. This includes directional, flow, pressure, spray and special control valves made of stainless steel with nominal sizes of 10 to 250 mm as well as the required pilot valves. Individual designs and materials allow operation in descaling and sea water systems and also in industrial water, oil and emulsion applications.

5. Spray technology - isolator cleaning systems

We are a producer of stationary live line systems for the efficient cleaning of high-voltage isolators. A permanent monitoring of the conductivity of the demineralized water and of the wind direction and speed allows a safe cleaning process in manual or automatic mode, while energized.

6. Spray technology - fire extinguishing systems for transformers

We create stationary, preventive fire fighting systems for high-voltage transformers in transformer stations and power plants. These systems prevent an overheating and ignition of the transformer oil through the targeted spray of water. This will displace the ambient air while it is cooling the transformer to prevent its destruction. The self-sustaining systems include a pressure vessel and thus do not need any external energy or water during the fully automatic process. The spraying process will be terminated automatically after a defined water volume has passed through the spray valves.

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