Firmengebäude der Firma HL-Hydraulik

For more than 80 years, the "Schrupp" logo represented quality and personalized service to the customer. Founded as a family company, Schrupp GmbH went through the same historical changes as many companies. Succession problems, sale of the firm to new owners, Group membership, and the spin back to a stand-alone, family-sized company accompanied the name Schrupp up into the 90s.

It all started in the buildings of a foundry. The close proximity to heavy industry promoted the development of industrial valves. Later, influenced by the energy provider and the VDEWs, followed the development of valves for high-pressure air. With the addition of the plastic technology Schrupp GmbH reached its greatest variety of products by the end of the 90s.

Increasing specialization in small series and solutions required a realignment of the company at the end of the last century. The new allocation of areas and activities resulted in the creation of a new firm by former employees who founded HL Hydraulik, GmbH and took over the water hydraulic and pneumatic applications. In 2000, the water technology for safety driving centers emerged as a new product group.

The consistent development of these products and the constant contact with the industry led to the current valve technology that combines a modular system, the flexibility of customization with the advantages of small-scale production.

The modern HL cartridge technology provides leak-free and gas-tight operation at high pressures.
The fluid power valves are available with pressures up to 800 bar, the pneumatics up to 350bar working pressure.
HL Hydraulik GmbH is committed to our tradition and we want to provide, quality, efficiency and a better service to our customers now and in the future.