The HL Hydraulik water technology enables road safety training centers to simulate critical situations encountered by drivers during various realistic street and weather conditions. The training helps teach the driver to handle these situations. A combination of event center and safety driving center have the flexibility to test and demonstrade the newest functions of assistance systems, to familiarize the driver with the car’s technology, learn safety and have fun testing and driving a car like you have no chance on a normal road. During product development special attention has been placed on high reliability at low operational costs.

Water Obstacles

To avoid damage at the vehicle, the obstacles shown with water and have to be bypassed in the training. Its sprayed from the ground and can be flexibly adjusted in the width.

  • Block the entire width of the roadway
  • Create "doors" or areas to turn around
    • at the edges or
    • in the middle of the lane or
  • dynamic obstacles moving like cars, trucks or pedestrians may cross the lane.
The water hazards consist of the following components:
  • Concrete cassette
  • Galvanized steel frame (on top of the cassette)
  • Unit of water obstacle (hanging)
  • Cover of the unit
Our advantages:
  • No trace heating in winter time
  • Direct recycling of obstacle & rain water into the cassette.
  • Efficiency - 1 obstacle (1m) = 0,75kW we use only the power you need for the actual "picture".
  • Flexibility - water obstacles are not only water walls: you can design different "pictures" to optimize your training
    • pedestrians, cars, trucks in dynamic versions cross the area
    • gates in different widths and positions
    • changing for every task or training
  • Total shut down of a water obstacle area is not possible (if the driving center haven't a shut down)
  • 2 heights of obstacles are useable (2.0m & 3.0m) The height is fixed by the nozzle type of the obstacle. The nozzles are changeable every time.

Street Irrigation Systems

The HL Hydraulik Irrigation System based on the principle of "flowing water" to moisten the roadway or sliding areas.

The water wets the area out of Nozzles with 8mm holes. The effect is a very resistant nozzle against dirt. The irrigation system needs only a classical regeneration of the returning water. The "flowing water" reduces the evaporation in summer and optimize the training (no use of the wipers). The continuous wetting of the area is another positiv effect.

Irrigation systems

We distinguish 4 types of irrigation:
  • Top irrigation out of channels (eg Aco drain / BIRCO)
  • entrained irrigation / transverse to the direction (slope in driving direction)
    • out of channel or
    • out of the water obstacles (re-wetting system)
  • accompanying irrigation / along the action area in driving direction and cross slope
    • out of channel or
    • out of ground nozzles in the roadway
  • Circle irrigation / cross slope towards the circle center
    • Outer circle irrigation
    • Inner circle irrigation
    • Increase or switched off, irrigated circle segments
  • no trace heating required for the winter
  • Salt resistant (winter)
  • large nozzle diameter = dirt insensitive (D = 8mm)
  • flowing distribution has a lower evaporation as spraying distribution (in summer time)
  • Interval watering during training is not required
  • Our system does not produce visual disabilities during training
  • Continuous irrigation provides a constant water thickness
  • easy to clean
  • circulating water
  • We use only well-known manufacturer for our pump technology with offices worldwide.

Skidding Devices

4 sizes of Skidding Devices are available. They let your wish come true.

We deliver devices of 3.0 / 8.0 / 10.0 axles load, total weight of 6.0 to 20.0 tons (metric). A very "special" skidding device is the big Truck device. It slices up to 3-joint axles with a max. weight of 30.0 tons (metric).


Our skidding devices offer you the opportunity to optimize at the terrain procurement, training volume and efficiency to use the equipment for the best result of training operations.
  • Car ( 2 axes / 3,0 metric tons per axes )
  • Car plus ( 2 axes / 8,0 metric tons per axes )
  • Truck ( 2 axes /10,0 metric tons per axes )
  • Safety program to ensure the settings and avoid misuse and nuisance tripping.
  • Oil Hydraulic unit with proportional technology
  • Ground sensors for the determination of speed, axle spacing and number, as well as the safety functions
  • Useable speed of 22 - 99 km/h // 14 - 61 mph
  • The minimum and maximum speed can be adapted to the terrain and >safety requirements
  • Output: up to 4 "shots" per minute
  • Control panel for monitoring and control functions
  • velocity measurement
  • external speed display, 2 digits, site selectable
  • lateral sliding cover plates for direct access for inspection and maintenance
  • no trace heating
  • Start up in Summer / Winter <=5 minutes
  • All models are suitable for training on car
  • Installation and commissioning costs (on site) are taken into account in our prices!