Fire prevention systems

We are manufacturing complete systems for transformer protection. The energy for quick supply of the fire fighting apparatus will be stored in pressure tanks so that in case of an emergency no external power input is required to operate the system. The spraying cage is cantilever and assembled with particular couplings ready for a quick change of the transformer if necessary. The start up of the estinguishing process will be effected by either melting nozzles, an electrical signal or manually.

  • Operating pressure: 10bar
  • Compressor: 275l/min; 10,5bar; 2,5KW
  • Prefilling pump: 6m³/h; 10,5bar; 4KW
  • Tank capacity: Sufficient for min 5min operation
  • Heater: Circular heating system if required
  • Nozzles: Full-cone type apr. 50l/min;Impact type apr. 80l/min
  • Material: Water piping carbon steel hot galvanized; claps aluminium; nozzles brass; air piping copper; Underground piping cast steel with anchoring brackets (foundation not included); Pressure vessel inside coating 400 um outside primer 200 um optional isolated.

In order to submit a quotation we require drawings of the transformer, a site plan and information about the water supply system.