By extensive research and development we can offer an complete program for the water and special hydraulics. Our product range includes singles element but also complete system for pressure ranges up to 350 bar and dimensions of 250mm. Special solutions up to 800bar


  • Hard seat cartridges DN16 to 32, 350bar, pressure and throttle functions for clean water applications
  • Soft seat cartridges DN10 to 250, 350bar, directional and shut-off functions for clean and descaling water applications
  • Soft seat cartridges DN10 to 40, 800bar, directional functions for clean water applications
  • Individual designs for special fluids and gases possible
  • Dimensions acc. to ISO/DIN
  • Material stainless steel
  • Cartridge Covers


  • 2 and 3 directional pilot valves solenoid, pneumatically or manually operated, pressure pilot valves
  • DN4 to DN25, up to 350bar, special designs up to 800bar.

Complete Valves

  • Directional, pressure and throttling functions for water, emulsions, oil and special fluids.

Descaling Technology

  • Complete Valves for descaling applications up to 350bar and DN250mm, including 2 and 3 directional pilot valves, solenoid, pneumatically, oilhydraulically or manually operated. Multistage breakdown orifices and accessories.

Special Valves

  • Individual designed valves
  • Sea water resistant for Off-Shore and Sub-Sea applications
  • Pulsation Technology
  • Special cartridge valves with additional functions
  • Leak free valves for oil hydraulic applications

Spray Valves

  • For roller cooling systems at steel or aluminium rolling mills
  • Size 6 to 25mm.
  • Valves, pilots, complete spray barns and accessories