Our customers include:

Driving safety centers with HL Equipment:

  • FSZ Nürburgring, am Nürburgring (Eifel, NRW)  Homepage
  • FSC Rheinberg, Nähe: Kamp Lindfort (NRW)  Homepage
  • Fahrwelt GmbH Burgkirchen (Nähe: Braunau)  Homepage
  • ProDrive, PC Lelystad (Nähe: Amsterdam) Homepage
  • Leeuw Opleidingen, Trainingscentrum, TV Eindhoven Homepage
  • MotorOasi Susa (Nähe: Turin) Homepage
  • Turing Club Schweiz Test&Training tcs Homepage
Under the new organization "TCS Training & Events" the centers are located
  • Stockental, Hinwil, Derendingen, Emmen und Lignières.  Homepage
In addition the following centers were equipped with our water technology:
  • VSZ Cossonay, Cossoany-Ville  Homepage
  • VSZ Thurgau AG, Weinfelden  Homepage
  • VSZ Aargau, Frick  Homepage
  • DriveZ, VSZ Dübendorf, Dübendorf-Flughafen  Homepage

Up to the year 2015, 20 facilities were equipped with water technology.